The scores and their parts are the sole property of the composer.
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 Piano and String Quartet
 Duration: 11 min.
 1rst performance: Ensemble der Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater Hamburg, 1986.

 Duration: 12 min.
 1rst performance: the Symphony Orchestra of the Central Conservatory of Peking.
 Soloist:  Xiao YOU.
 Conductor: Jin WANG, 1985.

 Duration: 14/30//
 1rst performance: Donaueschinger Musiktage 87/, Auryn-Quartett.
 STREICHTRIO (1987/88)
 Duration: 11 min.
 Commissioned by the Trio de Monte (WDR), Cologne.
 1rst performance: Lindauer Kompositionswochen.1988.

DUETT for Violin and Cheng (1989)
 Duration: 5 min. 30 sec.
 1rst performance: "BLAUE REIHE" im Kieler Schloss, Trio de Monte (WDR), Cologne.
 Chueng: Huihong OU, 1989.

"DYEH..." for large Orchestra (1988-92)
 Duration: 12 min.
 Commissioned by the Suedwestfunk, Baden-Baden.
 1rst performance: ars nova Konzert 1991/92, SWF-Symphony Orchestra Baden-Baden.
 Conductor: Olaf Henzold, 1992.

"SAN JIE" - three pieces for Chinese orchestra (1990/91)
 Duration: 6 min.
 Commissioned by the Chinese orchestra of Hong Kong.
 1rst performance: Hong Kong, 1991.
 YUEN" for Sopran and 11 Instruments (1991)
 1/1/1/0-0/0/0/0- perc.-harp-sopran-1/1/1/1/1
 Duration: 11 min.
 1rst performance: Forum of Young Composers (WDR) Cologne, Emsemble Modern, Frankfurt.
 Conductor: Peter Eoetwoes, 1992.

"THAO" for Dis-piano and Percussion (1992)
 Duration: 21 min.
 Commissioned by the Kulturbehoerde Hamburg.
 1rst performance: das Festival Fliessende Grenzen /92, Emsemble L/art pour l/art.

"LICHTKNOTEN" -  trio for Oboe, Viola and Harp (1993)
 Duration: 12 min.

"PIEN LUE" for Ch/in solo (1993)
 Duration: 10 min.
 Commissioned by the Ch. & S. Kaske Foundation.  
 1rst performance: Siemens Foundation Munich.
 Soloist (Ch/in): Xiaoyong CHEN, 1993.

"WARP" for Chamber Orchestra (1994)
 Duration: 16 min.
 Commissioned by the Deutsche Kammer-philharmonie Bremen
 1rst performance: Holland Festival /94,

"EVAPORA" for fl. ob. pf. vn. and cello (1996)
 Duration: 12 min.
 Commissioned by the Deutsche Kammer-philharmonie Bremen.
 1rst performance: Bremen, September 22nd, 1996.

"DIARY" - seven miniatures for piano (1996) 
 1rst performance: Festival MUSICARAMA of Hong Kong, October 4th, 1996.
 Soloist: Peter Rogenkamp.

"VIAMORPHIS" for soprano, guitar and viola (1996)
 Commissioned by the Ensemble Caosma (HH)
 1rst performance: 1996.

 Commissioned by the Ensemble Philharmonie of the Hamburger Opera.
 1st ferformance: November 28th, 1996, Hamburg.